15 November 2019

FABRICS - the tiny garden

'Scandinavian Christmas' is a first collection that The Tiny Garden has created for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics. The collection was designed in August 2018. In that period, Maria worked as a volunteer on Fridays in a local art space De Vishal, which is in the center of Haarlem, the Netherlands, where she lives. That August was one of the warmest in the last couple of years. The temperature could reach up to 37°C, which is untypical for the Netherlands. To cool down a bit, Maria decided to concentrate on designing a winter collection. When there were fewer visitors in the gallery and Maria had a moment, she was drawing reindeer, Christmas trees, cute houses looking like cookies. Maria was inspired by Nordic culture and a minimalist approach to decorating for the Christmas holidays. She was thinking about snow, Scandinavian knitted ornaments, brisk Swedish forests, and bracing Norwegian fjords. The collection was drawn "all in one go" and the prints seemed to appear freely on paper from Maria’s pencil and formed a cohesive Scandinavian look. She found working on it was kind of meditation, which helped Maria to stay refreshed and cool off, thinking of the agreeable preparations for the winter holidays. 
There are 17 prints in the collection which are now available in stores across the USA. To see more from The Tiny Garden visit the website here or follow on Instagram.

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