11 December 2019

NEW SPONSOR - designer : victoria bright

Print & Pattern has a brand new sponsor - helping to bring you the daily P&P posts. 'Victoria Bright' is the studio name of Victoria Mlady. She chose the name as her mission is to
brighten up living and working spaces with pattern, colour and design. Victoria is based in Albuquerque where she works full time from home on design.This is her second year of business during which she has exhibited multiple times at PrintSource and at Surtex and Blueprint. Victoria will be at PrintSource again in 2020 and in early February at Surtex, so anyone interested to see her portfolio personally will find her in New York. 
Victoria loves playing with shape and colour and seeing how they work together to formulate something interesting, so for the last two years she has solely focused on pattern design for interiors and apparel. In June of 2019 Victoria launched a line of ecofriendly wallpaper at the Dallas Market for hospitality and commercial spaces and it is also available for residential applications too.
With a heart for eco friendly design products Victoria would like to work with companies who favour sustainable clothing or products. She would also love to enter the stationery market too. 
Victoria favours bold geometrics with a quirky spin or even a mod throwback look. She finds colour exciting and would love sprinkle it across the land. So if you like Victoria's style she would love to hear of any commissions, licensing opportunities or collaborations. You can find her website here and on Instagram.



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