13 January 2020


The trade show season is about to kick off with two important shows in New York opening in just over two weeks. Artful Rebels will take place from 1st - 3rd February and Surtex from 2nd - 5th February. I just wanted to say to any artists and studios please send in your show flyers and promos asap (if you haven't already) and I will aim to post all the showcases and details before show opens. Just email bowiestyle@hotmail.co.uk
The flyers in this post are from Jill Burns of the creative studio Nestbox. Jill is nervous but very excited to debut her surface design collections at Surtex 2020. After an early start in the museum field, she went on to found a community pottery and launch her own brand of handmade ceramics. Illustration is the common thread that runs throughout Jill's artistic endeavours which led her to establish her design studio. Jill's early days at the museum caring for beautiful artworks has influenced her later work. Inspired by Japanese prints, vintage wallpaper and handmade objects Jill hopes her collections evoke a feeling of walking into your favorite antique shop, yet re-invented through a modern lens. You can find Nestbox online here , in Booth 2890 at Surtex, and on Instagram,


Anonymous said...

Surtex is Feb 2-5 (not entirely concurrent with Artful Rebels)

bowie style said...

Well spotted Anon - thank you for pointing this out : )