14 January 2020

SKILLSHARE CLASS - esther nariyoshi

Designer Esther Nariyoshi has recently published a Skillshare class for intermediate to advanced Illustrator users, tailored for Surface Designers.
Called Illustrator Nuggets Esther's class is designed for Illustrator users with a special focus on surface design. She covers some of the essential functions that designers use, and she also goes the extra mile to walk through alternative methods to achieve similar results. This class is great for someone who has some basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, and wants to grow in fluency.
Some of the functions covered:
Setting up optimal workspace
Global Edit (selection tool)
Effortless colour picking
Selection by lasso, magic wand, same attributes and beyond
Making compound shapes (shaper tool, pathfinder, etc)
Creating Custom Actions
Precise Alignment
Puppet Warp Tool
Smoothing curves
Curvature tool
and much more

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