18 February 2020

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - louise mcpeake

I have another new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory to mention this week - Louise McPeake a freelance designer and illustrator who spent many years working as a childrenswear designer in London. Around 5 years ago Louise moved back to the North to a leafy area South of Manchester and took the leap into freelance. This has opened her eyes to all the other wonderful areas of design outside of her ‘fashion’ bubble. Louise is looking for freelance work, part-time or commissions. Her strength is anything kids related. She adores character design and repeat patterns and can design for pretty much anything from clothing to gift wrap, product or textile. Louise loves everything about design and has over 15 years diverse experience. Her Design tends to be inspired by her own children and her obsession for children’s books. Louise says she likes to create illustration and art that makes people smile - regardless of age! wesbsite / Instagram

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