14 February 2020

GUEST POST - bonnie christine

THE STAGES OF A FLOURISHING DESIGNER What Stage Are You In? Take The Quiz To Find Out!
Hi everyone! I’m Bonnie Christine, a surface pattern design, entrepreneur and online educator for surface design. I’m honored to be visiting the Print & Pattern blog for the day. Thank you for having me!

Tell me: have you ever had a dream so BIG that you didn’t know how to get started on it? As a creative, I know that the #1 one thing that STOPS most of us from being productive is feeling overwhelmed. That’s why one of my biggest missions is to help other creatives move past feeling overwhelmed, and stay constantly INSPIRED.

After teaching thousands of women how to craft a career they LOVE in surface pattern design, I started paying attention to the path - literally each stage that someone goes through on their journey to becoming a designer. It’s led me to creating a workbook called (you guessed it!) : The Stages of a Flourishing Designer. You can think of it like a path to success - it literally outlines the steps that will help you move towards accomplishing your goal of becoming a surface pattern designer, as quickly as possible (and without overwhelm!).

I also created a quiz that accompanies the workbook (it’s super fun!) to help you identify exactly where you’re at on the path.

You can take the quiz right here!

Psst. Not into quizzes? It's ok, I get it. :) You can skip the quiz and download the entire workbook here.

Now that you know where you’re at on the map, it’s time to start making progress - and I would love to help you do that! I have two really fun opportunities coming up:
#1: Free Mini Course: Craft a Career you LOVE in Surface Design. If you’ve ever been curious about licensing your artwork or becoming a surface pattern designer, this incredibly in-depth (and entirely FREE!) Mini Course is for YOU! We’ll be covering these 6 essential stages, how to map out the next 12 months of progress and how to create income as a designer by adding multiple streams of revenue to your creative business.

The Mini Course is FREE, but you do need to register for it. You can join us right here!

#2: 8 Week Online Course: The Surface Design Immersion Course. Surface Pattern Design Immersion is the most comprehensive course I've ever taught, designed to give you a unique and completely immersive experience into the world of Surface Pattern Design, from A-Z. I'll not only teach you how to design using Adobe Illustrator, but also how to build your entire business as a surface pattern designer. Enrollment opens February 18th and only opens once a year. I’d love to have you join us!
The world of surface pattern design is thriving, and it’s far from saturated. There is room for YOU, your voice and your artwork in the world. The world needs you to create the beauty that you want to exist!

I can’t wait to see your work! xo, Bonnie

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