29 June 2020

DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR - ekaterina trukhan

I am such a big fan of designer and illustrator Ekaterina Trukhan that when a new email from her popped into my inbox I was super excited. Ekaterina is best known for illustrating children's books and to have some new work from her to share on P&P is a real joy. Ekaterina is a Russian designer who moved to London to study at the Camberwell College of Arts. She works freelance for various clients and also sells her wall art prints online via her own label KA. Most recently I've posted Ekaterina's work for Lagom cards, but today we have a whole showcase of her brilliant work to enjoy. Anyone interested in working with Ekaterina (and I know I would be if I were a business or art editor) should get in touch via her Website or Instagram.

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