30 July 2020

DESIGNER - laura slater

We were looking at UK card publishers Nineteen Seventy Three yesterday and one of their new ranges is the result of a collaboration from Yorkshire-based print and pattern designer Laura Slater. I first featured Laura's work back in 2015 when she was exhibiting at Top Drawer in London. She has since gone on to design for Ikea, Tate, and John Lewis where she created wonderful prints for their exclusive 'Kin' brand. Laura has a fabulous selection of textile prints and art on her website and anyone interested in collabs can get in touch via here Website / Instagram

Below are a few designs from the series of  letterpress cards by Laura Slater created for Nineteen Seventy Three. The collection pays homage to iconic 20th century artists such as Matisse, Picasso, David Hockney and Andy Warhol in her new card range. They are all printed using three to four bold colour palettes on environmentally friendly 100% recycled papers.

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