27 July 2020

DESIGNER - liz kohler brown

These beautiful designs are from the newest print collection by Liz Kohler Brown. Liz is an artist, designer and teacher living in Central Virginia. She loves combining traditional and digital mediums by finding textures and shapes in the real world and transferring them to a digital canvas. Liz generously shares her skills and techniques with others and is  a Top Teacher on Skillshare, a designation for the top 1% of teachers. She has created 50+ Skillshare classes on a wide range of art and design topics. Clients can get in touch with Liz regarding commission and licensing via her website where you can also learn more about her classes and design resources. Website / Instagram

Don't forget to check out Liz Kohler Brown's previous collections such as Geometric and Chaing Mai which are just as fabulous.

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