09 July 2020

LATEST WORK - beck ng

Beck NG is a surface designer and maker living in Melbourne (Australia), who has a love of creating patterns. Whilst working as a graphic designer for many years and feeling rather unfulfilled, Beck enrolled herself into a couple of screen-printing short courses, which led her to starting a textiles course and discover the world of repeating patterns.
She started Fabric Drawer in 2012 after travelling and then living in London, spending lots of hours wondering how to follow her creative passions. Things started very small and organically, by being involved in a few small craft markets selling products she’d designed and made. Not deterred by the minimal sales, she continued to create her patterns and products and has been part of some larger design markets in Melbourne. As well as making her own range of products, Beck also worked with an art agent in America, licensing her artwork on a range gift/party ware and greeting cards. Since flying solo, she’s collaborated with The Gro Company, Apiary Made, Monster Threads and has had a range of fabrics through Nerida Hansen fabrics.
Beck's 'Fabric Drawer Etsy Shop can be found online here, and she is also interested in licensing or collaborating with other brands. Please get in touch with her at: beck@fabricdrawer.com.au
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