18 September 2020

NEW WORK - sarah sazerelli

Sarah Sazerelli is a freelance surface pattern designer based in sunny Sydney, Australia, & born and bred in the slightly less sunny Lancashire, UK. Sarah has a love of all things colourful, and creates fun, modern pattern designs oozing with colour. She has her own online store selling beautiful quality greeting cards, that can be found here.  Recently her designs featured on on bamboo travel cups as part of a magazine promotion across supermarkets in Australia, and was recently part of the Designer Project with Digital Fabrics in Sydney, with a selection of her designs for sale on their fabrics. Sarah has also designed greeting cards for clients, biscuit tins, water bottles & more cups! She would love to see her designs on a quilting fabric range. Sarah is always interesting in commissions and art licensing opportunities, and clients can get in touch at: sarah@sazerelli.com

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Tobias said...

Thank for sharing all this great pattern stuff and Hello from Germany ;O)