01 October 2020

DESIGNER - merrylittle studio

Maddie Herman of Merrylittle Studio has been busy for the past month working on her own design challenge, #SurfacePatternSeptember. Each day she created a new print from a list of kid-themed prompts and then shared the design on Instagram. The challenge has been a great way to explore cute subjects and fun styles she's always wanted to try, and has also been a valuable foundation for future collection development. Merrylittle Studio is a design label based in Kansas City, USA specializing in illustration, lettering, and patterns for the young and young at heart. Maddie officially launched earlier this year after leaving her role as a greetings designer with Hallmark to pursue a career in freelance illustration. She would love to partner with childrenswear brands, as well as toys, decor, stationery, and textiles. If you are an Art Director looking to purchase or commission artwork, please see her (Instagram) and (website) for more work and to get in touch!

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