07 October 2020

DESIGNER - pattern book

Today we feature to designers who coincidentally both took courses with Make it in Design. Katerina Kirpa is a surface pattern designer based in UK who describes her work as sweet and playful, but with an elegant aesthetic. She took part in the MIID Summer School 2020 and her work was selected as a top pick by Porter and Brawn. Katerina has a love for florals and sweet characters, and creates artwork to license for various products. She is drawn to contrast and balance and her surface patterns are simple and defined by bold colours and intricate, full of texture and details. Katerina loves the combination of soft and natural, bold and vibrant. If you are an art director, art buyer, or would like to discuss an idea for a collaboration, feel free to contact Katerina. Her artwork is available to license and she would always welcome new exciting projects and collaborations. Website / Instagram

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