27 October 2020

NEW WORK - unblink studio

Originally inspired by a fabulous patchwork coat she saw in a recent fashion magazine, tiles, collages and fabric samplers, Jackie Tahara of UnBlink Studio has conceived her newest works as grids of squares, each containing their own little artworks centred on a particular theme. The finished works are an exercise in balancing colours, details and illustration styles to create artworks that are harmonious but still have a feeling of spontaneity and randomness (just like a patchwork quilt!). The pain-staking process takes Jackie a lot of time: she first makes lists of possible motifs to include based on a chosen theme, then she draws little thumbnails of each one, decides what styles they should be and then works out unique colour palettes to create each separate square image. The final step is to find just the right position for the squares in the larger grid and Jackie just knows when each image pops into the “right” place, very satisfying! Jackie has just made the two pieces in her new Calico Series (pictured here) available to purchase as archival fine art prints in her online shopAlthough these works have been created for wall art, she would also love to see them in repeat on wallpaper, fabric, stationery and flooring tiles. If you would like to discuss licensing these designs, please contact Jackie directly. Website / Instagram

Looking ahead, Jackie is currently working on a new grid series based on the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Check out her Instagram at @unblinkstudio to follow her progress.

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