19 November 2020

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - gail myerscough

Gail Myerscough is the latest entry in our Designers for Hire Directory which highlights designers who are open to any freelance opportunities. Gail is a Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator based in Manchester, UK whose designs are influenced by the mid-century era, architecture and music. As a child, Gail loved colouring in and once sent a picture to the BBC for Tony Hart’s Gallery. It wasn’t chosen but that didn’t stop her wanting to be an artist when she grew up. Gail studied Surface Pattern Design at University 20 years ago when all work was hand drawn, used colour separation and computer sessions were just once  a week. As her skills became obsolete Gail worked in other areas but really wanted to re-train and start designing again. So in January 2015 Gail started Module 1 of the Make It In Design course and has subsequently taken all modules. She launched her studio in 2015 creating bold and unique designs and working hard at building her portfolio and brand whilst working full time as a Retail Manager. In September this year Gail was made redundant due to COVID and took the decision to become a full- time freelance designer. She now works from home studio with her assistant, Pete the cat, who loves to oversee the printer and steal paper from the bin. Gail is a creative and versatile designer who loves the challenge and excitement of a new project. She has licensed and sold her designs worldwide and sells a range of products in her online shop. Gail would welcome any commissions, art licensing and collaborations, Especially in the fields of  homeware, illustration, surface pattern design, textile design, and wallpaper design.

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