03 December 2020

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - lunch club design

Ariel Rutland and Erin Wengrovius are the creative design duo behind Lunch Club Design and today they join the Print & Pattern Designers for Hire Directory. Ariel and Erin first met in 2011 while working as in-house designers at Martha Stewart in New York City. They became fast friends and collaborators, and have cheered one another on as they've grown in their individual careers as designers and art directors. Last year, they reunited as colleagues at Birchbox, leading design and packaging for the brand. Illustrating and creating patterns side-by-side every day naturally led to their current collaboration, Lunch Club Design - a studio that focuses on creating playful patterns and illustrations for textiles, apparel, home decor, stationery and more. Designs are developed with a blend of digital art and handmade illustrations to create bold patterns in poppy color palettes. They love working with thoughtful, inspiring product brands and hope their patterns infuse an extra dose delight. Lunch Club Design offer an extensive digital catalogue of ready-made designs that are available for immediate purchase or licensing. In addition to their ready-made patterns, they offer custom design and commission services ("we can work wonders with a great design brief!" they say). They would love to connect directly with companies to purchase/license their patterns and illustrations and they're also open to working with an agent who can facilitate great partnerships.

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