11 January 2021

NEW SEASON - paperchase

Paperchase on brink of collapse
Print & Pattern is back for the new year 2021. As I write the UK is under another lockdown as Covid19 is spreading so fast. But I do have plenty of store snaps to post up from last year that were held back in order to showcase only Christmas designs. But I need to start with the sad news that one of my favourite stores Paperchase is reported to be on the 'brink of collapse'. With their High Street stores unable to open in the run up to Christmas crucial sales were lost. They also have many stores in airports and railway stations and most people now work from home and cannot travel overseas. It will be very sad if this 50 year old company cannot be rescued as they have always been both a purveyor and purchaser of interesting design. I'll be keeping everything crossed that they will survive and with that in mind I'm posting some of their current and new products here. You can still shop at Paperchase online here.

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