24 June 2021


We have a new Designer for Hire today as Disha Sharma joins the P&P Directory  Disha is an artist and surface pattern designer currently based in Dallas, Texas. She creates beautiful botanical and floral designs with a combination of minimalistic coordinated patterns. Disha has always been fascinated with all the colorful patterns she saw on the bedding, fabric, apparel, stationery and other products in stores. Her work is a perfect blend of both traditional mediums like watercolors and gouache with a balance of geometrical patterns created digitally. Her prints can be used on fabric, stationery, baby products, wallpapers and many more products. Disha loves to go out in nature to gather inspiration, get some ideas for new projects, come back home and then sit quietly with a cup of tea to put those ideas together and recreate them on paper. When she is not painting or designing, she loves to spend her time out in nature with her 7 year old son and her husband. Disha also creates beautiful botanical art and sells high quality Giclee Prints on her Etsy shop. She is happy to take commissions and license her existing work with companies. Anyone interested can have a look at her online portfolio here

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