16 July 2021

DESIGNER - joana velozo

Joana Velozo is an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Brazil currently living in Barcelona. Joana is deeply inspired by nature and all kinds of dance and music, especially those from back home in the northeast of Brazil. She loves drawing dynamic shapes to create intricate, swirling, lively patterns, specially florals. Her designs are feminine, rhythmic and playful, with a fresh take on vintage. Joana has been working as a freelancer for three years now, and is looking for agent representation at the moment. Her biggest dream is to license a stunning collection with a great fabric manufacturer/studio. Joana also a bookbinder and has a small business called Mosellejojo (Instagram here) which allows her to embrace the multidisciplinary characteristic of her work. She designs and screenprints her covers with some printed digitally using exclusive designs.

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