20 September 2021

FABRICS - nerida hansen / spoonflower

Nerida Hansen Fabrics have opened a store on Spoonflower. But why? There are a few reasons. Like Spoonflower, Nerida Hansen Fabrics is on a mission to make a difference within the textile industry. Spoonflower has recently made a conscious shift with their business model to be more sustainable, reduce their waste, incorporate ethically sourced materials and grow their range of eco-friendly fabrics, and all of these values align with Nerida Hansen Fabrics. “This is the direction that Nerida Hansen Fabrics is on,” says creative director, Nerida Hansen. “It makes sense for us to be part of this journey with Spoonflower.” Not only that the Spoonflower store creates an archive of Nerida Hansen Fabrics, that are readily available 24/7 to print-on-demand. “This is a major win for consumers as they can always shop their favourite designs,” says Nerida. “Plus, there will be designs that are exclusive to Spoonflower.” The partnership also enables Nerida Hansen Fabrics to deliver their designs as not only textiles, but also wallpaper and home decor to corners of the globe that have been inaccessible due to the ongoing shipping restrictions. “Thanks to the pandemic we have experienced increasing difficulty with shipping our fabrics overseas, particularly to the United States,” says Nerida. “This move eliminates that problem for us.” Nerida Hansen Fabrics are available now on Spoonflower here.

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