09 November 2021

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - dominika godette

We have a new entry in the P&P Designers for Hire Directory today. Dominika Godette is an illustrator and surface pattern designer originally from Czech Republic, but currently based in London. Dominka came from an artistic family, her father is a painter, so she was always surrounded by beautiful art growing up. Dominika has two children aged five and seven with whom she spends a lot of time sharing a love for creating and making beautiful things. Her work is colourful and classic with a modern twist. She enjoys using bright, bold colours, and flowers and animals in her illustrations. Dominika works mostly digitally, but also likes to paint with gouache and watercolours as well. She generally designs illustrations and patterns with stationery, gift, home decor, and fabric in mind. She is currently looking for representation and for licensing/outright purchases of existing work as well as commissions.

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