21 June 2022

DESIGNER - at the dot design

Kristi Westberg is a surface pattern designer operating under the studio name ● at the dot design ●. Kristi briefly worked as a graphic designer before stumbling into the field of book conservation, a profession she has loved for over 10 years. Kristi is lucky to spend every day working in a museum, library, and botanical garden, places where she finds endless inspiration. Recently she has been exploring using block printing to create pattern motifs, for her this is the perfect combination of analog and digital creation. Kristi gets to draw, carve, and print patterns, satisfying her need to work with my hands before scanning and converting them into vector drawings.Unlike the often cream and brown world of old books, she chooses to flood her patterns with bold and sometimes clashing colors. She loves this world of lively pattern and  community of creatives. Kristi will also be taking the plunge to participate in virtual Printsource from July 12-14th.

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