29 November 2022

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - color me rad

We have a new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory today. Color me Rad is a design studio based in Tokyo founded by Jermaine Donaldson. Jermaine grew up in New York, moved to Atlanta and now resides in Tokyo where he lives with his wife and fellow designer Misaki. His career started in New York working for a small design firm where he worked as a technical artist preparing other peoples art for production. Then Jermaine came across a wonderful opportunity working for Carter’s inc. one of the largest and most successful children's clothes company in the US. He worked there for nineteen years and had so many opportunities to meet and learn from amazing designers and talented artists. During his tenure Jermaine was able to design for baby, toddlers, kids, teens and acquired the skill of flexibility, versatility and art-styles. He is able to design for all age ranges and genders for surface prints, patterns and graphics and would love companies and art buyers to browse his online catalogue, which is often refreshed with new art and inspiration. Jermaine has mainly focused on Apparel but is very flexible and would welcome commissions and or contracts.

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