25 September 2023

DESIGNER - jodie smith

Jodie Smith is a neurodiverse Illustrator and Print Designer with seven years experience in the design industry. Jodie is also a soon to be published Author, with her debut children’s picture book ‘Bipolar Blob’ hitting the shelves in the UK and internationally next month, published by Sweet Cherry Publishing. Jodie wrote Bipolar Blob originally for her own daughter to understand her more, but now with the hope that it will reach many other families. Jodie says it’s so important to talk about various mental illnesses to everyone, children included. She has always loved creating quirky, naive colourful characters using mixed media, collages and more recently Procreate. She loves the flexibility and portability of working on her iPad, especially as a single mum to a toddler! Jodie currently has space alongside her ongoing future picture book contracts and would love to collaborate with children’s clothing and product brands on a freelance basis, and encourages them to reach out if they feel her style aligns with their business.
 Instagram / email dollypepperstudio@gmail.com

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