01 March 2024

CERAMICS - bjorn wiingblad / rosendahl

Rosendahl have produced a new range of ceramics the reinterprets the work of the late Bjørn Wiinblad.  The Copenhagen born artist's brightly coloured, detailed designs became very popular in post-war Europe. With a gentle nod to Scandinavian folk art, his romantic, imaginative art is now reinterpreted in this modern, functional range of ceramics fit for a new generation. They've used the artists own drawings for the facial features and added vibrant geometric patterns for the dresses. Perfect for flowers they are designed to add a nostalgic mid century feel to any room. I've seen them for sale on various UK websites including Hus & Hem, Dotmaison and , and head to Rosendahl if you want to see the whole story of this project and the full collection.

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