18 April 2024

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - verity lowry

We have a new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory today - Meet Verity Lowry, a print designer and illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. With her charming, yet minimalist approach, she brings a sense of joy to everything she creates, perfect for the world of children's design. Having spent years as a graphic designer in the children's clothing industry, Verity now focuses on surface pattern design and illustration, infusing each creation with sense of nostalgic playfulness. Verity always has lots of creative ideas and she's keen to work in various markets, from apparel to home decor, stationery, games, books and more. Her extensive portfolio showcases fresh and exciting artwork, ready to be licensed or purchased. Verity is also open to commissions, freelance gigs, or even part-time roles as a print designer. So, if you have a project in mind that could benefit from her playful touch, don't hesitate to reach out and connect with Verity here.

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