13 October 2006

old pryrex

more gorgeous pyrex patterns with images from various japanese websites. good ones to try include : kino shop (where most of these pics are from), strawberry pot, scoops, bitter sweet, and kitchen to go. it you are searching the web (especially japanese sites) its wise to use the words 'old pyrex' as the company is still going and you wont want to look at pages and pages of new plain glass ovenware. dont forget if you want to buy some pieces then try our old friend ebay.


Sarebear said...

That's it! That pink one, that's the oval dish my mom has. And the brown mustard colored pattern, grew up w/dishes w/that on. I HATED that pattern. Lol.

Anonymous said...

The very bottom photo on the right...I have those plates lol. I use them all the time too. The darn things don't break.

modmom said...

like flaunthourfont i have bowls in the print on the bottom right.

Cristina said...

I grew up with those Corelle dishes! I'll use them more appreciatively when I'm home fore the holidays.

Anonymous said...



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