27 July 2007

BOOK - wrapping paper worldwide

'wrapping paper worldwide' is a brand new book that looks at the world of gift wrap design. its jam packed with pages and pages of pictures showing papers in different themes such as wedding,baby,birthdays etc. the style is commercial, we're not talking cutting edge - but it does provide a wealth of ideas on the types of motifs you can use for each occassion. theres also a cd included. the book is available now from the amazon print & pattern bookshop, click here for amazon UK/europe , or in the US you can use the ISBN number to order at your local store/web as unfortunately the book has yet to arrive at amazon USA.
wrapping paper worldwide published by index books ISBN-10: 849630969X


Amy said...

What a lovely book--it looks really extensive!


weeee.. another great book! Thanks for introducing it to us, bowie. I'm jotting down the ISBN number now. :)

rawlyn said...

i really like that yellow dish drying rack, but i couldn't find it on the site. where did you find it?

bowie style said...

its on the collections pages - in the yellow collection