27 July 2007

NEW DESIGNER - eleanor hodson

after the new designers show at the beginning of the month i posted up a few of the graduates cards picked up at the show. one of which was by eleanor hodson. afterwards eleanor got in touch and sent me some more of her designs. inspired by an architectural theme, she loves using photos taken of angles and shapes within arcitecture then using these to create intresting patterns. she hopes to put across an urban feel in her work, but with a softness by the addition floral type motifs. eleanor says "i want to give a kitcsh feel to my designs and this is often given by a 60's influence. i find black and white helps to make my designs to stand out giving them a contemporary, clean fresh feel." like all the graduates we've been covering this month eleanor is now hoping to land a job, and is happy to consider any kind of design vacancy, or even a work experience placement. email eleanor here, or see more here on her website.

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Diana Coronado said...

What an adorable designs