07 May 2010

IN MY INBOX...........

im finishing the week with a round-up of designers from my inbox. starting with these striking designs from kasia bishop a womenswear designer based in london.
ellen crimi-trent sent me some lovely snapshots of her new fabric collection 'bird talk' released by clothworks.
illustrator claudia pearson creates seasonal tea towels and totes depicting a variety of what's currently available at the farmer's market.


Kristen Carmen said...

Wow, Bowie! Thank you so much for your fantastic blog. As a South African textile designer, I check it every single day and it gives me oodles of inspiration. You rock my world!

ellencrimitrent said...

thanks for the shout out...! I am very excited for the response I am getting from Bird Talk... if anyone here is making anything out of it please let me know I would love to post your pics on my blog and FB page!