18 April 2012

DESIGN STUDIO - millergoodman

zoe miller and david goodman are the design duo behind miller goodman. through their studio they have made a commitment to combine function with the highest design principles, producing wonderful, innovative new modern classics to captivate children’s imagination, while their contemporary timeless design appeals to design savvy parents. the latest addition to their range is the facemaker (above) but scroll down for a selection of other miller goodman delights. the facemaker is available now the lollipop shoppe and at miller goodman.


Sally said...

I was really excited about the FaceMaker blocks and thought they'd make a great gift. When I went to the online shop though I was shocked at how expensive they are - £32 in fact. It's such a shame because it's a great idea, but the price is completely unreasonable.

bowie style said...

hi sally,

i feel its a little bit unfair to say their price is "completely unreasonable" as designer goods do traditionaly cost more money.you are paying for their unique ideas
and style.
plus they are hand printed : )

Cyn | decyng said...

I really like the FaceMaker blocks! I think that it would be really fun to play with, it will encourage children imagination.
Congratulations for you blog, I´ve always read it but I hadn´t comment till today. Greetings from Argentina!

Sally said...

I just wonder what kind of person is going to pay £30 for some painted wood?! It's just a shame that they're not more affordable (and in turn accessible).