17 April 2012

SURTEX - tammy smith

tammy smith will be debuting her designs this year at surtex in booth 368 next month as a first timer. tammy used to work at hallmark with bren talavera who i featured last week. they both decided to do surtex this year, and although tammy has had many years experience in the paper industry, with giftwrap and partyware she is now aiming to expand her look into the home furnishings and other markets. tammy loves using textures and showing the hand of the artist in her work, even the "mistakes" that happen spontaneously awhich she feels can add to the warmth of the design. this collection below was inspired from a family birthday party, when tammy saw my father's pineapple upside down cake. find tammy online here.


margo tantau said...

I love Tammy's take on life.. Full of color & spirit. Can't wait to see more at Surtex! Great work.

tammy smith said...

Thanks so much for including me here in such great company! I really appreciate it.