01 September 2016

OFF TO ITALY - back on 12th September

Print & Pattern will be away for a week as I am off to Bologna in Italy to see the David Bowie Is exhibition. Apologies for the lack of posts during this time but I will be back on 12th September with lots more pattern and print. You can make submissions while I am away to bowiestyle@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to feature your work or products on the blog this Autumn (but no high res please). Thanks so much for your patience.


Lisa Dhar for Studio Noodles said...

Have a super holiday x

One Little Print Shop said...

Ooh I hope to see a blog post about the exhibit!! �� Enjoy!

bowie style said...

Sadly the Bowie exhibition has a no photography rule - so it would be impossible to do a post. However it is a wonderful show that is a must see for any Bowie fan. They have all the key costumes, a cinema showing extracts from his main film roles, paintings and sketches, handwritten diary pages and lyrics, and most brilliant of all an immersive concert room that is the closest thing you could ever get now to seeing Bowie play live. I recommend it to anyone. It will be in Bologna until November when it heads to Japan. For UK fans there is talk of it coming to Scotland in 2018. Fingers crossed.