20 February 2017

DESIGNER - margaux + izzy

Liz O’Brien is the founder of Margaux + Izzy. Liz has just began her art licensing/freelance business after working for larger stationery and gift company for 15 years. Liz has nearly 23 years of experience in the creative industry as an artist, graphic designer and product developer.  She has sold successful designs to clients such as Target, TJ Maxx, Michaels, and Nordstrom as well as designing products for boutique lines such as Papyrus and Mara-Mi. The names comes from Liz's two distinct design directions: one being more elegant and sophisticated, with a strong fascination with florals and botanicals “Margaux” and the other being more playful, bold and fun, “Izzy.” Liz is interested in licensing agreements, buyouts and design collaborations and you can see more or get in touch via Margaux + Izzy.

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