21 February 2017

GRADUATES - art and business of surface pattern design e-course

We have some more patterns from the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design courses today. The students love to show their coursework and I am always happy to create a post for them. These graduates are from "Module 2: Creating your professional identity". The first design (above) is by Helena McDowie and below Faye JohnsonThe next round of Module 2 started yesterday (Feb 20th) so there is just time to enquire about joining online here.

Above : Amanda Callcott. Below : Hannah Wells.

Above : Louise Hargreaves Below : Ayda Kivilcim.

Above : Rachel Parker. Below : Megan Carroll.

Above : Anna Garriga. Below : Peta Galloway.

Above : Maja Ronnback. Below : Nadja Sarell.

Above : Klara Hawkins. Below : Leah Quinn.

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