14 June 2017

DESIGNER - melissa boardman

Melissa Boardman recently the leap and quit her day job to begin an illustration career. She has a little stationery brand that called 'bird plus bird' for which Melissa makes art prints and other eco-friendly stationery items. Her ultimate passion is illustrating patterns and over the past few years she has been building up a portfolio and also opened a Spoonflower shop. Melissa's work is mainlybird themed, because she says "In New Zealand we don't have any native land mammals so birds are it for us! We have so many unique and special birds". Here are some examples of Melissa's beautiful patterns and illustrations and you can find more online here.

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melissa boardman said...

Thanks so much Marie :-)
The 'find more online 'here' link' doesn't seem to be linked, so I hope it's ok to write it here: www.birdplusbird.com
Thanks again!