15 June 2017

TECH DESIGN - jenean morrison

Jenean Morrison has designed and created a new iMessage Sticker App that is available from the itunes App Store. Pretty Happy is a collection of over 140 bright and colorful stickers designed especially for iMessage. The collection of fun and happy hand-drawn sayings and images can brighten up conversations on both the iPhone and iPad and are a great way to add colour and happiness to your messages. This was Jenean's first time to create a set of stickers and it required an immense amount of research, learning new skills and new software, and some good old fashioned trial and error, but she is extremely pleased with the results and hopes users will be, too! Now that she has managed to go from idea to an actual Sticker App available in the App Store, Jenean plans to make many more packs in the future as is one of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on lately. To see the stickers visit Apple here or to see more of Jenean's design check out her gorgeous instagram page.

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