04 September 2017


Print and Pattern is back from it's Summer Break and we ease gently into work with a look at FolioFocus by Rise Design and Shine, which will run again from today (4th September), for another trend and inspiration packed 10-weeks of creative fun. The focus is on creating commercial work while remaining true to ones own design aesthetic. Some classmates have gone on to go license the work created in class, exhibit at trade shows or launch product lines with their new designs. They also have some great opportunities and live briefs such as the chance to have a one to one consultation with Agent Brenda Manley, a live brief and competition from Wraptious, Live brief from They Draw and Cook. Here we have a lovely chance to view at some of the designs from the February FolioFocus alumni. Even if you aren't looking for classes there are many interesting features to read at FolioFocus including whether to password protect your online folio.

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