27 October 2017

DESIGNER - sarah grateley

Today we have some of the latest work by Designers for Hire member Sarah Grateley. These cute new designs were created very much with children in mind. Sarah's clients previously have been in the greetings industry, and in children's wear, bedding and wallpaper but she would really love to see her work in board books, on stationary and on baby products such as pushchairs. Sarah's portfolio can be found online here and all the designs featured on her website are available to license or buy outright. You can also follow Sarah on instagram and on Society6. Most of her work is hand drawn initially with a doodle style and Sarah likes to keep this feel to her designs so they look lively and happy. She also enjoys mono printing as she finds it produces wonderful textures and spontaneous lines.

1 comment:

Dawn Jutton said...

Wonderful designs. Lovely to see something different. Hope Sarah does well.