11 January 2018

FABRICS - kristen balouch

Kristen Balouch is an award winning children’s book author and illustrator and the designer behind the Little Blue Mushroom Studio. Next month will see the launch of Kristen's debut fabric collection with Birch Fabrics. Called 'Folkland' it features cute bunnies, unicorns, fairies, foxes and mice. Kristen sketches her designs with marker and paper and then finishes them digitally. She prefers working with a computer so she can easily adjust colors and forms until everything feel just right in relation to each other. Kristen's thought for this collection was to create a sweet, happy, inclusive place to be.  The fabrics will be available in February and you can check Birch Fabrics to find a stockist near you.

1 comment:

Diane Harris said...

These are going to be amazing fabrics. Can't wait for their appearance!