11 January 2018

TEXTILES - margaret clavell

Print & Pattern has a new sponsor today in the shape of designer Margaret Clavell who has a new Etsy shop selling her own range of teatowels and cushion covers. Margaret comes from a background of graphic and interior design and at the beginning of the year she made the transition into designing patterns and now she loves it! Margaret has designed over 100 patterns under the company name of Margaret Clavell. Margaret dabbled with various mediums and subjects in order to find her ‘style’ and discovered that she loved the results that were achieved when she illustrated, using the computer, from her nature photographs. She envisaged her designs suiting accessories for the home and over the past few months Margaret has sourced manufacturers to create and print on several products. She started with her designs being printed onto cushion covers and tea towels with the intention of adding more products over the coming months. Please do check out the P&P sponsors as they help bring you the P&P blog everyday. Find Margaret online here.

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Anonymous said...

I love her style!