19 April 2018

BLUE PRINT 2018 - artabella collective

Artabella Collective are a group of seven international designers. Although their artistic styles are diverse, they all have a common passion for surface pattern design. They are Michelle Grace and Claire Elsworth from the UK, Deane Christiansen from Canada and Shelley Seguinot, Erica Ilene, Diana Kelley and Amber Shaw from the USA. Initially making connections through the amazing online community of surface pattern designers, they formed friendships through courses including Make it in Design, MATS Bootcamp and the Roost Tribe. They soon discovered that they had shared ambitions and an incredible drive to succeed which is happily accentuated by the support of one another. Artabella Collective will be making their trade show debut at Blueprint Show 2 in May and are excited to make contacts and forge lasting professional relationships into the foreseeable future. They offer a broad range of highly commercial patterns and placements for every occasion and are so happy to have the opportunity to promote their amazing artwork to clients on a global scale.
Above : Claire Elsworth’s trend-based surface pattern designs are bursting with colour and impact. Her intense, opulent style of maximalism is aesthetically designed to appeal to the home decor, wallpaper, bolt fabric and apparel markets.

Above : Deane Christiansen likes to marry a modern vintage style with a fun and quirky direction. Her strength and focus is in creating florals and illustrative motifs for everyday occasions and children’s patterns.

Above : Diana Kelley’s geometric, abstract and modern floral designs feature bold, confident colour, handcrafted textures and a fun design sensibility. Her work is especially well-suited to homeware, interiors and apparel, both for adults and the children’s markets.
Above : Michelle Grace produces commercial designs with a fresh, innovative style incorporating unique hand-painting and intricate sketching processes as well as illustrative, digital motifs. She loves to give her eclectic patterns a playful and whimsical edge.
Above : Amber Shaw produces beautiful, feminine designs portraying sweet florals and motifs in wonderful colour combinations. Her pattern and placements include seasonal influences and adorable children’s character motifs.

Above : Shelley Seguinot loves to create the cutest characters and bold patterns for the children’s product and apparel market, home decor and the stationery industry.
Above : Erica Ilene designs vintage-inspired florals which are complimented with mid-century styled geometric coordinates as well as whimsical pattern collections and seasonal designs. She also has an extensive collection of typography designs.
Find out more on the Artabella Website and check out the Artabella Instagram.

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