13 July 2018

DESIGNER - rachel watson

Rachel Watson is a designer based in Derby, who mainly focuses on patterns for home decor, stationery and greetings - and this is where she has been concentrating her latest efforts. Rachel has had a meandering journey through jobs in business and education, always with a creative leaning - until she got to the point where she wouldn't be satisfied unless creating became the biggest part of her life. Rachel took a load of courses, taught herself to conquer her nemesis, Adobe Illustrator (She had been a Photoshop devotee up to that point!), and is now looking for representation from an agent, and for some awesome, exciting projects to get her teeth into! Rachel feels she continues to be on the steepest learning curve of her life, but says "by George it's fun". Rachel is an Instagram addict (find her here), which she feels can be a double edged sword at times and luckily for me she also loves the P&P Blog and books. Here are some images representative of Rachel's work and you can see more online here.


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