13 July 2018

FABRIC PRINTING - kunjut textile and design

Kunjut Textile & Design is a large format digital fabric printing studio. Since 2009, they have been providing custom printing services to designers, artists, manufacturers and sewers in all the Russian territory but also abroad. Kunjut T&D is specialised in design and production of fabric printing, in the creation of clothing collections, accessories and souvenirs. Inside Kunjut there are three sectors: printing on fabrics, the design studio and a garment factory. In the clothing lab they have seamstresses to realise projects. Designing is also an important part of the company and Kunjut create digital prints, patterns, collections of fabrics, clothing, home d├ęcor, bedding and interior. Kunjut have talented and experienced designers and illustrators who keep up with trends and market preferences.
They are currently getting ready to participate at Indigo’s exhibition in Brussels where they will show their creations in the field of interior design and textile design. Kunjut say important designers attend the Indigo exhibition and they are proud to take part of it.

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